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Baby Pink Wax Melt Glass Burner and 2 Magical Scented Wax Melt Gift Set


My new baby pink Wax Melt Glass Burner and Wax Melt Gift Set is the perfect gift for all lovers of home fragrance. If you love a pearly look that will fit in any room in your home and you love your wax melts, then this cutey just adds style and fragrance all in one go. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Once tealight is lit inside burner, please handle with care and only handle the base of the melter as the top of the vessel may become extremely hot. Melt capacity: Approx. 40g Burner Dimensions: 72mm x 60mm x 12mm Glass Weight: 150g Scents available *Snow Fairy & Pixie Dust OR *Unicorn Farts & Marshmallow

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