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Exfoliating Fragrance Soap Sponge


** This is a stock photo** EXFOLIATES, MASSAGES, SOOTHES SKIN Exfoliating massage sponges soaked in soap. Jammed full of wonderfully Fragrances, SLS FREE, mild and gentle glycerine soap Product Information... Beneficial moisturising properties, many customers claim they don't feel the need to moisturise after use People that have mild skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema have reported excellent results from using these exfoliating sponges. (BE SURE TO DO A SMALL PATCH TEST BEFORE FULL USE OF THIS PRODUCT) Perfect for holidays or hand luggage. REDUCES PLASTIC, LIQUIDS & SPACE Soap Sponges last for weeks (sometimes longer) if using regular/ daily Exfoliates away dead flaky skin and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished Can help to accelerate tanning Perfect for stubborn fake tan! Let your sponge naturally air dry after each use to preserve your soap, and it will last weeks! Each sponge is shrink wrap cellophane to preserve freshness, also labelled with ingredients details

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